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October 1st. The day many people that depend on the net for their source of entertainment (and to keep their sanity in check) fear for. Especially here in Japan. THE DAY OF THE ANTI-DOWNLOAD LAW. Since morning there seems to have been a noticeable and ridiculously funny decline of jpop and anime (licensed) files freshly uploaded on the web for the entire world to consume. That is, uploaded from Tokyo anyways. I just hope and pray the never changing courage of the Chinese to pirate and upload everything remains unchanged because some old hag politician from Tokyo, overly satisfied with his life of billions of yen in his bank account, decides to crush the dreams and hopes and prayers and joy of thousands of  freeloaders, which is the minority, trying to sample (yeah riiiight) about everything the overpriced Japanese entertainment industry has to offer. I pray to the gods that one day I will not write another post on this blog while sitting (un)comfortably in my jail chair. Yes, they have chairs in prisons here. And i also pray one day that the guys who passed this law and the producers of entertainment products realize that theft, murders, high school bullying, gangs and yaks are a more serious issue than a civilian who downloaded an AKB single . Amen.


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If there is one person (yes, i consider this thing a person) that I’ve spent my off times to true music this person is probably it. Forget that today is her 5th birthday because even how years will past she will be forever 16 to her fans and to the world. And for these five years she is literally saving hundreds of musically challenged japanese (and some non ones) to not give up on their musical hopes and tastes. A bit exaggerating if you will but if there is an artist (yes, i consider her an artist) that has steadily gain supporters (and haters ofc) and gradually gaining influence in the japanese music artist it is only Miku that has done such a thing. It is been a great five years and for some reason vocaloid producers are going emo (e.g ryo and his odd&ends song) and will continue to be more emo in the coming years….how i wish gumi day is also this special T__T

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If there is one person in this planet that I’ve spend a lot of money of  aside from my family and friends and those “special someones”, this person is the first thing that comes to my mind. If i can recall, I’ve spent (or gave) about 30k yen for each of these pictures to some lonely idol otaku that needs to earn a living by selling pics at a certain auction site and hell yeah I’ve been scammed to bring out that much money to buy a picture of an idol that little did i know has a six year expiry date… I still hold these pics until now and currently have no idea what to do with them as these could either be worthless than a piece of non-combustible trash or a rare item that only about 3000 people own…yup, I guess its the former. T_T I guess I’ll hang on to these things together with my happy (or rather fucked up)  memories of that time no one knew that it will be a precious one… Oh well, FU maeda!!! I’ll never spend a fortune again for some idol pic and you should be happy you’re the only one that is on that category…FFFFU!! oh and good luck to your future endeavors lolz.


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madoka magica movie?? new evangelion movie?? tomodachi ga sukunai season 2??  bakuman 3?? gotoku 3?? little busters getting animated?? sailor moon 2013?? screw those shitty news!!! THIS is the ultimate hit that will STUN, CRUSH , DESTROY these anticipated anime until they’ve been put on their stinky graves of irrelevance. kyou no asuka show. the amazing ecchi manga that have lured millions of men of all ages has been animated and aired its first episode today. to not spoil anyone who plans to watch, the story basically is about asuka. your “normal”, “typical” high school girl who has “many” but “useless” missing screws around her brain and just about everything she does ends up being the ultimate nirvana for random men around her. o rly?? *rolls eyes*

and now to lure you to watch the show by showing these great scenes from the manga..(credits to sleepinboi scans for the scanlation)

oh yeah!!! you sure want to watch it NOW huh! :DDD you sick f*cks lol. great this show is targeted at perverts and hentai ojisans and how to further enhance their boner skills >:) oh btw episode 1 is up on youtube for free so watch it now because its a pay per view show (if you want them to keep givin’ u pleasures better not try to pirate lol). you can download the app as well if you want to watch it on your phones.

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how in the world did she got popular over the mainstream audience?? she was just a humble weird model slash desperate-for-debut singer slash retired gravure actress slash ameblo freak back in the days?? work of dentsu? people just loved her? gaijins using the power of youtube again to make fun of her PVs and think japan is weird all over again? last time i checked miracle orange wasn’t that big of a hit at all…last time i checked she was just modeling some brand harajuku clothes like always on akamoji mags…last time i checked erepyon just graduated from akb and this two shot came out… how? HOWWW? i don’t follow kyary anymore after the moshi harajuku days and now she’s present on every fucking jp tv show i download and stream, every people on the net talking about she’s lady gaga of japan and shit…..could this be kyary using her pawaaaz to charm old skool fans back? like i care in the first place? did i really stopped being a fan of one the few non idols in these little ol’ fandom of mine?? am i thinking too much and should just keep my mouth shut because i’m  saying pointless things rn??? uhm yea this is my first time posting about kyary  here because i admit she was not worthy being posted in this blog years ago and now she’s valuable because she’s popular…..yeaaa right…

LOL its been a while since my last post. blame twitter, tumblr and other “social” sites that can keep you fucking busy the whole time…and with that i decided to make my surfing days moar busier by adding this hidden…well not ACTUALLY hidden blog…to my sad and boring internet activities… i am thinking of updating more often especially my other hidden blog that has what??? 4 posts? LOL. this time though not just posts about idols and kpop but some anime shit as well… so with this half assed motivation post, which i will assume that will not make me motivated at all, i begin my post with two shots of the top 2 and 3 strongest solo idols according to me. one is not actually an idol but a fashion freak who spends her days in harajuku doing god knows what and now spending her off days dancing with a bunch of backdancers composed of kids and a guy that is cuter than most girls…

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dal shabet is e-tribe’s guinea pigs. e-tribe is dal shabet’s boy toy.   11 comments

i finally got to hear dalsha’s new album!! \o/ and i was kinda glad to say i loved it more than the first one. at least from the flow of the songs anyway. they’ve got to get rid of these weird cover art though…it IS cute but always have that double meaning in them…even for the first time you see it :| anyway time to review the songs!

m01 shakalaka – oh my…if there is anything i admire e-tribe for, its his ability to make awesome hiphop/crunk whatever songs…and then put it on a girl group! it reminds me of the first track on their debut single a lot but definitely has this lighter feel to it.

m02 Pink Rocket  – fuck the bubbles! it is too annoying and it really ruined the song’s flow, which i feel there is none until the rap. it sounded like two songs, a hypnotizer and a fierce crunk one, combined into one song to make it a “title” track…i’m a bit disappointed in this one but i’m loving the rap and the rap ONLY.

m03 그대로 멈춰라 – i swear this song was made sometime in late 2000s lol. i thought the beat was a beat outdated and e-tribe added some modern beats to save the song from being a disaster. i loved the background choir vocals though, take that out and it’ll be meh. overall loved the beats in this one. i hope there’s an instrumental in this one.

m04 Rollin Fallin – just like in the last single, the last track always make me sleep…a deep sleep. is this a good pattern or what? i don’t know. but this song i think is what made the whole single complete. a closer, a song that will make you feel satisfied and craving for the next one :D still it made me sleep.

i hope dalsha will release a full-length physical album containing some songs from the singles because i’ll definitely buy one. i am not a fan of their looks though honestly. jiyul and subin is pretty though, the others are forgetful except for seri and i guess everybody knows why lol. i hope e-tribe continues to make “decent” songs for them because they’re one of the few girl groups out there that i can swallow their music and at least meaningful, poetic lyrics (repetitive? lol understand the lyrics first plz). they’re slowly making their own identity and are just a matter of time until everybody knows who they are…at least musically lol. i guess the post title says it all…

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i was SUPPOSED to be making a “dal shabet where are u now :( ” and “omg rainbow is coming back” post, but i was diverted by these girls day fanarts while looking for new pics to accompany this post….oh well. i was wondering, is it because the beauty of having a cute style with very distinct faces of their members make girls day easy to make a fanart for them?? and this is the second time i made a post about them… in your face much girls day? i must say out of the 2010 groups that debuted last year they’re the only ones whose faces i can remember even with the millions of girl groups debuting…

damn, i guess i have to make my rainbow post next time? :D

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